Studio Rates:

Single Hour Rate

$100.00 per hour

For sessions that are between one and three hours long.

Project Rate 
$85.00 per hour
For sessions longer than three hours, or for ongoing projects.
 Block Rate
$600 per eight hour block
Hours must be booked consectutively. 
 Video Rates
$125.00 per hour for shooting
$100 per hour for post production
Includes up to two HD cameras and operators. 
Lock Out Rate 
Please contact us for a quote.
Complete use of the facility for consecutive twenty four hour periods. 

Glyph Hard Drives:

Please contact us for pricing.
We are an Authorized Glyph Technologies Dealer. All projects at Solid Sound are recorded and redundently backed up onto Glyph Hard Drives. We highly recommend clients purchase their own personal hard drive as a secondary backup option.
Session CD(s):
$5.00 per disc
A Session CD contains the various takes or mixes from a session. Generally used to make edit decisions or touch ups on a mix
 Pre Master CD(s):
$5.00 per disc
A PMCD is the final product for you project. This is the disc used to make replicated copies.
 Analog Tape Rental:
2 Inch Tape $50.00 per Reel
1/4 Inch Tape $15.00 per Reel
With the price of 2 Inch Tape over $250.00 recording analog can be cost prohibitive. This one time fee covers the use of a reel of tape for the duration of your project.
 DVD Video :
$15.00 per DVD
A finished authored DVD of your project including menus.
  DVD Backup:
$15.00 per DVD 
4.3 Gigs of storage per DVD. For archival and transferring of data to and from other studios. 
Payment is due at the end of each session unless other arrangments have been made.
We accept the following forms of payment; Cash
Visa / Mastercard

Student organizations from the University of Michigan may use invoice/billing through their S.O.A.S. and U.A.C. accounts.