Professional results for all your recording needs.
Many years ago friends Rob Martens and Will Spencer decided to found a recording studio dedicated to producing absolutely professional recordings and to keep within client's budgets. Rob and Will formed a good team. Both had music backgrounds, both were 'natural button pushers,' excited about the newest advances in technology, and both had recording experience. Their efforts brought a dream into reality: Solid Sound.

Over 30 years have now passed and Solid Sound is the premier facility for those who will accept nothing less than the best for their art. Now run by Chief engineer Eric Wojahn, anyone who listens to the sound or visits the state-of-the-art studio can see what a genuine love for the recording profession can achieve. And the dream is affordable.

The ears.
The fact that our staff have been professional musicians makes a tremendous difference during recording sessions. We love the technical aspects of recording, and our equipment is as good as 'New York, or L.A.' but we are musicians first. This means we have the "ears" that can recognize when the sound is not as professional as possible, and we can offer suggestions, when asked, on how to bring the sound up to standards. Our musical background also enables us to communicate quickly and accurately with composers, musicians and singers, so when someone says, "Take it from the key change in the bridge," our engineers are right with them.

The attitude.
Solid Sound is staffed by people who love their work.* They have chosen to live and work in a smaller city because it enables them to structure their lives and work to get the most enjoyment from it. Their enjoyment shows in a friendly and relaxed style that rubs-off on musicians and singers. Being musicians our staff have experienced what it’s like to be the recording artist. This knowledge allows them to make the recording process all the more comfortable.

The equipment.
People often do not believe how extensive the studio's equipment is until they see it. From the latest in computer technology that allows precise editing down to a thousandth of a second, to vintage tube microphones from the early 1900’s, every piece of equipment needed for professional sound is there.

The studio.
Designed by the famous acoustician George Augspurger, the Solid Sound studio offers an acoustical environment that is first rate. Located in a quiet, rural area of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the studio provides the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that lets creative energy really flow.

Please call (734) 662-0667 or email for more information.

* To us "work" is a four letter word; we're part of the lucky minority that sees what we do as getting paid to have fun and help other create art..